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Generals and Majors (Moulding)

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Black Sea

  Now here XTC are challenging for that mass audience with another volume of razzle-dazzle imagination in sound and word. In fact, their lyrics are their best and most interesting yet by quite a distance, not least because they’re so clear.  Stand, M. (1980), Review of Black Sea.  In Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant and intense ‘Paths of Glory‘ three blameless foot soldiers are chosen at random to serve as sacrificial lambs for the (supposed) failures of […]

Respectable Street (Partridge)

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Black Sea / Respectable Street

XTC were a formidable and creative musical entity throughout their career, placing emphasis on honesty of feeling and quality of expression. In terms of rock music there was no one else quite like them: they could write songs of such tenderness they would make your heart ache; or of such brutality you wanted to go out and steal a car or punch an Elected Official (remember, vote No Violence). They were as good as The […]