“Senses Working Overtime” (xtcsongs.com) is a song-by-song analysis of the songs of XTC as heard on the UK released studio albums of 1980-1989. Specific attention is given to the original UK CD releases of the mid-80s in order to discuss some of the sonic advances and additional songs that were added to the original releases and which, for many of us, formed an updated and satisfying track list.

Senses Working Overtime’ is written by Kevin Murray, Kelowna, Canada. Contact: xtcsongsovertime@gmail.com

The prime reference source is the excellent http://chalkhills.org/ site run by John Relph, Thank you John for all your hard work over the years and appreciate you keeping the online service going.

Special mention also goes to The Little Express the official North American XTC Fan Club between 1983 and 2000. Myself and our circle of friends and siblings would wait impatiently for each new issue, sent out to Canada in ye olden days via the post, and received – how quaint! – in little magazine format. Golden age, golden memories.

The intention of the blog is to write of our experience of the records as they were transmitted and received between 1980-1989. While reading band comments are amusing and insightful, I’ve packed away the interviews and books – literally, we’re moving house – in order to discuss the tracks from a (hopefully) fresh personal perspective. When asked about the blog and if he would support it, Andy Partridge replied that he had heard enough of himself talking and asked only that the writing be truthful. This mandate will not only be kept but followed to such an extent that some albums will receive suggested alternate running orders and deletions – as experienced in the head of this author and programmed in the early days of CDs. Oh, the horror. Also, there is zero interest in demos, warbles and other fuzzy additions: valuable, indeed, but the soul coal of this locomotive is fueled by the UK CD release albums bought at alarming expense on a farm boy’s wages via import, into the (once) mighty frozen glaciers of Canada.

The idea and template of “Senses Working Overtime” is based on Chris O’Leary’s  “Pushing Ahead of the Dame“. Simply some of the best critical writing on David Bowie out there. (And I’ve read ’em all).